Cycling events
  • Last updated:
  • 02 Sep 2020

Council encourages and supports community involvement in various cycling events across the region.

Cycling workshops - Aura

Council and Stockland have partnered to deliver a series of free cycling workshops to improve cycling skills. Conveniently located in the bike city of Aura, the workshops cater for all abilities and are run by accredited instructors. See the program of workshops listed on council's events calendar.

Ride2School Day

National Ride2School Day is an initiative of the Bicycle Network and is Australia's largest celebration of active travel to school. Ride2School Day encourages students to get physically active and ride, scoot or skate to school.

Council promotes this event to all schools in the Sunshine Coast Council region and provides prize incentives to encourage student participation.

Sunshine Coast Bike Week

Sunshine Coast Bike Week is an annual nine day celebration of cycling across the Coast.

Bike Week offers a range of scheduled events suitable for people of all ages, sizes and cycling abilities. It encourages cycling as a form of active transport and promotes road safety messages for bike riders and motorists to share the road safely.

Most events are free and provided by community clubs, groups and local businesses.

Ride2Work Day

Ride2Work Day is an annual event held in October to encourage people to try cycling to and from work.

National Ride2Work Day was founded by Bicycle Network, Australia’s biggest bike riding organisation. It acknowledges those who regularly commute by bicycle and encourages others to give it a go for the first time (see some tips for first time commuters). You can save money, get fit and help the environment.

For more information visit Bicycle Network.

More information

For more information on any of the cycling events, please contact council's TravelSmart team for details.