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  • 02 Apr 2020

Facility closures due to novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

Based on the latest advice from the Australian Government about novel coronavirus (COVID-19), many council facilities are closed until further notice. This includes playgrounds, skate parks, public barbecue facilities and exercise equipment.

View information about other council facilities and services during this time.

Please follow the latest advice from the Australian Government and Queensland Health about social distancing when in public spaces: 

  • Only visit this public space with the people from your household
  • Avoid peak times
  • Avoid touching high use areas.

If you must handle public equipment, clean and disinfect it first.

Access to public spaces may be limited if the number of people exceeds the Australian Government requirements.

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  • Eudlo Skate Park
    • Address:
      Eudlo Town Park, 12 Rosebed Street, Eudlo

    With its mix of street and skate elements, this park provides skaters, bladers and bikers with a smooth ride and plenty of challenge. The park is situated in an ideal surveillance area, adjacent to the school and opposite the local shop and post office. Also adjacent are the tennis courts and railway station. The park provides a variety of elements for up to three to four skaters at a time.

  • Eumundi Skate Park
    • Address:
      Memorial Drive, Eumundi

    Located at the southern end of Memorial Drive and the Eumundi Aquatic Centre is right next door in this sporting and recreation precinct. This facility caters for a range of users from beginner to intermediate. The majority of the facility is sheltered. The public amenities are located 100m to the south between the swimming pool and tennis courts

  • George VI Memorial Park
    • Address:
      North Street Yandina

    This park is known for it's skate bowl and basketball half court. The skate park is sheltered by shade sails. There is also a playground to be enjoyed by younger children.

  • Kawana Skate Park
    • Address:
      Kawana Sports Precinct, 45 Sportsmans Parade, Bokarina

    This facility located on the northern side of the Kawana Aquatic Centre features grind rails, two flat banks, declining ¼ bank, banked ½ pipe, grinding block spine, mini ¾ bowl, triple hump and ¼ pipe. Shade sails cover two thirds of the skate bowl.

  • Kenilworth Skate Park
    • Address:
      25 Maleny-Kenilworth Road, Kenilworth

    The concrete skate bowl is located beside the Kenilworth Show and Recreational Grounds. Natural shade and shade sails provide some shelter when using the skate facility and open grass areas surrounding provide informal areas to kick a ball

  • Kuluin Neighbourhood Park
    • Address:
      82 Tallow Wood Drive, Kuluin

    This large 4.94 hectare park has a skate facility, fitness area and children's playground. The playground has a swing, whirlygig and Tornado. The fitness area has hurdles, roman rings and curl plank step ups. The large grassed area is circled by concrete pathways and the park has pockets of remnant bushland. The shade sails have been removed due to constant vandalism.

  • Kuluin Skate Park
    • Address:
      Kuluin Neighourhood Park, 82 Tallow Wood Drive, Kuluin

    This facility is small but offers a lot of quick lines and smooth transitions. Shade sails were installed but have unfortunately been removed due to continued vandalism

  • Landsborough Skate Park
    • Address:
      Landsborough Sportfield, 15 Tunnel Ridge Road, Landsborough

    This skate park provides a small to medium facility with multiple elements to keep the beginner to intermediate skater entertained. The facility is not shaded, however there are shelters and natural shade close by

  • Little Mountain Common
    • Address:
      Raintree Boulevard Little Mountain

    This 12 hectare district park features a host of facilities including exercise equipment, playground, flying fox, children's cycle track, basketball half court, skate bowl and a cricket pitch interwoven with bike paths and picnic tables. A large fenced off leash dog park is located at the northern end of the park

  • Little Mountain Skate Park (Raintree Boulvvard)
    • Address:
      Little Mountain Common, 38 Raintree Boulevard, Little Mountain

    This small skate facility is located opposite Little Mountain Common. It sits beside a half basketball court and is surrounded by an open grass field for informal soccer or football. The field is also often used for equestrian activities