Waterways Health Monitoring
  • Last updated:
  • 02 Oct 2018

Each year river health on the Sunshine Coast is assessed under the Ecosystem Health Monitoring Program (EHMP) by the Healthy Waterways Network.

Since 2001 council has contributed to the EHMP as a partner of the HW Network which works to protect and improve the waterways health of Moreton Bay and rivers of south-east Queensland.

The EHMP is one of the most comprehensive freshwater, estuary and marine monitoring programs in Australia.

The annual report cards produced by the EHMP highlight where waterways health is getting better or worse.


The Waterwatch Program operates as a community-based network of local volunteers who test the water quality of local creeks across the region on a monthly basis.

The data gathered by the Waterwatch volunteers provides regular observations about local creeks. If unusual results are noticed during the monthly water quality sampling, these results are reported to council to investigate.

In this way the vigilance of the Waterwatch volunteers helps to protect waterways health.

The Waterwatch Program is funded by council via the Environment Levy. It is coordinated by local catchment and landcare groups. If you are interested in becoming a Waterwatch volunteer in your catchment please contact:

More information

If you have an enquiry about waterways monitoring on the Sunshine Coast, please contact  council's customer service centre.