Kids in Action 2023
  • Last updated:
  • 03 Feb 2023

Designed primarily for students from Years 5-8, council’s award-winning Kids in Action program encourages students to take responsibility for their learning through the planning and delivery of environmental projects. 

Each year the program focuses learning experiences and projects through an annual theme.

Kids in Action 2023

This year the Kids in Action program celebrates the Sunshine Coast region’s recognition as a biosphere reserve. The theme being biospHEROES: connecting, caring and co-creating the future.

The Sunshine Coast has joined more than 700 regions worldwide as an internationally recognised UNESCO-listed biosphere reserve. These reserves are a place where nature and people live, work, play and learn together in balance and harmony. They are a learning place for sustainable development. A place where learning locally can help solve sustainability challenges globally. It is transboundary (crosses boundaries) and future-focused. It celebrates life and connections between both the living and non-living, and natural and urban parts of a landscape.

In 2023, Kids in Action will explore what the young stewards and custodians of our waters and lands understand their place in the biosphere to be. We'll consider what actions will protect and enhance it for future generations. Together, we will investigate and champion the biosphere ‘heroes’ of Country – the biospHEROES! This could be:

  • people
  • businesses or organisations
  • cultural heritage
  • decision-making or system processes
  • ways of knowing, connecting and monitoring
  • the many living and non-living heroes of the waters, land and air.

This year’s theme is open to exploration in many ways. To get you started, download a copy of the biospHEROES mind map available on the Resources for teachers page. You can also head to council’s Biosphere page for more inspiration.

Join us for Kids in Action in 2023! We can all be biospHEROES as we co-create a legacy for the future that we can be proud of and that others can learn from.
“The greatest gift we can receive is to have the chance, just once in our lives, to make a difference.” - Dr Strange, Marvel Comics

Key 2023 Events

Day 1 – Friday 5 May 2023: Kids in Action Environmental Projects Day – The Environmental Projects Day (EPD) engages students in environmental, cultural, scientific, art and citizenship education and experience. It encourages students to enquire, explore and be curious to further develop their confidence and capacity to be able to combat challenges and actively protect their environment. The day also provides an opportunity for students to become acquainted with community mentors, to generate ideas and stimulate interest in the Kids in Action theme for the year.

Day 2 – Wednesday 6 September 2023: Kids in Action Conference - The Kids in Action Conference encourages students to learn from each other, through workshops, displays and performances. The conference encourages students to take responsibility for their learning through the planning and delivery of environmental projects.