Kids in Action 2022
  • Last updated:
  • 03 Feb 2022
COVID-19 Update: The Kids in Action Team are hoping to offer a face-to-face program this year. However, we will remain responsive to Queensland Health directives as they emerge. Registered schools will receive updates directly from the team via email. For further information please contact us.

Designed primarily for students from Years 5-8, council’s award-winning Kids in Action program encourages students to take responsibility for their learning through the planning and delivery of environmental projects. 

Each year the program focuses learning experiences and projects through an annual theme.

Kids in Action 2022

In 2022 the Kids in Action Program will celebrate its 10-year anniversary. To mark the occasion, this year's theme will capture the topics explored over the past decade.

Our 2022 theme is Catchment Connections: Mountains to the Sea. This will look at the movement pathways and journeys that flow across the landscape catchments of Kabi Kabi and Jinibara Country.

A rich diversity of plants and animals exist from high country to low country, and in waterway and vegetation communities alike. These natural sites are of huge cultural significance and relationship. They also hold an urban environment connected to, and dependent on these pathways and processes, and within that is us – the current and future custodians.

The 2022 theme is open to exploration in many ways. To get you started, download a copy of the catchment mind map[1301KB] which is also available on the Resources for teachers page

Key 2022 Events

Day 1 – Friday 6 May 2022: Kids in Action Environmental Projects Day – The Environmental Projects Day (EPD) engages students in environmental, cultural, scientific, art and citizenship education and experience. It encourages students to enquire, explore and be curious to further develop their confidence and capacity to be able to combat challenges and actively protect their environment. The day also provides an opportunity for students to become acquainted with community mentors, to generate ideas and stimulate interest in the Kids in Action theme for the year.

Day 2 – Friday 9 September 2022: Kids in Action Conference - The Kids in Action Conference encourages students to learn from each other, through workshops, displays and performances. The conference encourages students to take responsibility for their learning through the planning and delivery of environmental projects.

Term 4 - Kids in Action Road Show: Following the Kids in Action Conference, interested schools are invited to take their presentations on the road and share their environmental message with the community. 

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