Planning Scheme Codes (Volume 4)
  • Last updated:
  • 29 May 2019

Volume 4 of the Maroochy Plan 2000 contains all the technical codes and standards against which development is assessed. The document has been split to reduce file size.

1. Introduction[59KB]
1.1 Use of the Codes
1.2 Presentation
1.3 Codes are Applicable to Ongoing Uses
2. General Land Use & Development Codes
2.1 Environmental Management Codes
2.1.1 Code for Nature Conservation and Biodiversity[981KB]
Nature Conservation Strategy Map[2321KB]
2.1.2 Code for Waterways and Wetlands[245KB]
Waterways Map[2141KB]
Wetlands & Fish Habitat Areas Map[3380KB]
2.1.3 Code for Assessment and Management of Acid Sulphate Soils[107KB] Map[3611KB]
2.1.4 Code for Development on Steep or Unstable Land[1400KB]
Steep Land Map[8258KB]
Landslip Hazard Map[7075KB]
2.1.5 Code for Development in Water Resource Catchment Areas[149KB] Map[3126KB]
2.1.6 Code for Development in Bushfire Prone Areas[574KB] Map[2455KB]
2.1.7 Code for Development in the Vicinity of the Sunshine Coast Airport[132KB]
Obstacle Limitation Surface Map[3335KB]
Obstacle Limitation Surface (detail) Map[394KB]
Runway Separation Distances Map[2257KB]
Aviation Facility Sensitive Areas Map[416KB]
Existing Noise Affected Areas Map[629KB]
Possible Future Noise Affected Areas Map[763KB]
Safety Zones Map[497KB]
2.1.8 Code for Protection of Extractive Resources[105KB][105KB] Map[3689KB]
2.2 Design Code for Community Safety and Security[177KB]
2.3 Code for Landscaping Design[556KB]
2.4 Code for Transport, Traffic and Parking[523KB]
2.5 Operational Works Code[328KB]
2.6 Heritage Conservation Code[161KB]
2.7 Code for Integrated Water Management[157KB]
2.8 Code for Erosion and Sediment Control[25KB]
3. Codes for Rural Development and Use
3.1 Codes for Agriculture and Animal Husbandry[377KB]
3.2 Code for Development and Use of Intensive Animal Industries and Aquaculture[179KB]
3.3 Code for Development and Use of Rural Service Industries[255KB]
3.4 Code for Establishing Forestry Activities[705KB]
4. Codes For Residential Development and Use
4.1 Code for the Development of Detached Houses and Display Homes[2102KB]
Residential driveways detail plan Map[187KB]
Rural driveways detail plan Map[208KB]
4.2 Code for the Development and Use of Dual Occupancy[460KB]
4.3 Code for Low-rise Multi-unit Residential Premises[624KB]
Queensland Residential Design Guidelines[2475KB]
4.4 Code for Multi-storey Residential Premises[696KB]
4.5 Code for the Development and Use of Caravan and Relocatable Home Parks[229KB]
4.6 Code for the Development and Use of Motels[228KB]
4.7 Code for Home-based Business[432KB]
4.8 Code for Bed and Breakfast Accommodation[320KB]
4.9 Code for Caretaker’s Residence[282KB]
4.10 Code for Retirement Villages and Residential Care Facilities[634KB]
4.11 Code for Community Residence[35KB]
5. Codes for Commercial and Community Development and Use
5.1 Code for Town and Village Centres[208KB]
5.2 Code for Local Centres and General Stores[122KB]
5.3 Code for Child Care Centres[367KB]
5.4 Code for Outdoor Dining Areas[116KB]
5.5 Code for Markets[113KB]
5.6 Code for Mixed Use Premises[131KB]
5.7 Code for Waste Management for Commercial and Community Uses[367KB]
6. Codes for Industrial Development and Use
6.1; Code for Industries in Urban Areas[388KB]
6.2 Code for Service Stations and Car Washing Stations[115KB]
6.3 Code for Extractive Industry[119KB]
7. Local Area Codes
7.1 Blackall Range Local Area Code[622KB]
Blackall Range Map Map[2089KB]
7.2 Buderim Local Area Code[942KB]
Planning Area No. 6 Map[2976KB]
Buderim Village Master Plan Map [367KB]
7.3 Code for Development in the Sippy Downs Town Centre[1494KB]
Sippy Downs District Structure Plan Map[1153KB]
Sippy Downs Township Structure Plan Map[1182KB]
Sippy Downs Town Centre Precinct Plan and Street Layout Map[1056KB]
7.4 Forest Glen Local Area Code[122KB] Map[1026KB]
7.6 Yandina East Industrial Local Area Code[2071KB]
8. Code for Reconfiguring Lots[516KB]
9. Other Codes
9.1 Code for the Siting and Design of Advertisements[363KB]
9.2 Code for Telecommunication Facilities[401KB]