• Last updated:
  • 06 Feb 2020

The Sunshine Coast community believes this is a special place to live. These are the things we love about the Sunshine Coast:

  • beaches, bays, coastal headlands, waterways and wetlands
  • mountain ranges, escarpments, bushland and rainforests
  • the climate that allows us a relaxed, outdoor lifestyle all year round.

What we value

The following four characteristics are what the community values most about the Sunshine Coast. These values are at the heart of what makes the Sunshine Coast special.

  • Value: We love our climate

    The subtropical climate of the Sunshine Coast is one of the most liveable in the world. We love and appreciate the lifestyle it affords. Our most liveable buildings and spaces allow us to live both indoors and outdoors in summer and winter. Our climate makes us feel good, supports our active lifestyles, influences our clothing choices, and draws us into the environment. Making the most of our subtropical climate is a fundamental characteristic of good Sunshine Coast design.

  • Value: We live within and cherish our landscape

    The abundance of green, the presence of plants and trees, and the blessing of a rich, biodiverse landscape is what makes the Sunshine Coast so special. Whether natural, rural or urban, the landscape connects us, reduces stress, and supports an enviable lifestyle. We are proud to be situated within a nationally recognised natural environment, with its beauty a part of our daily lives. The protection and use of landscape to shape places and contribute to their enjoyment is a fundamental characteristic of good Sunshine Coast design.

  • Value: We treasure our ocean, beaches and waterways

    The presence of blue is just as important to us as the abundance of green. Our lifestyles are focused around water, with many of our places founded along river banks and beaches. The rivers, creeks, wetlands and ocean all support plant and animal life, tourism and commercial endeavours, and provide a beloved playground. We work hard to protect and nurture our marine environment and waterways. Creating places that preserve and reflect the beauty of our living waterways and ocean is a fundamental characteristic of good Sunshine Coast design.

  • Value: We are a community of communities

    The Sunshine Coast is a collection of communities and cultures passionate about maintaining and celebrating their distinct identities, stories, special places and lifestyles. Our community identities include the Indigenous cultures of the Kabi Kabi and Jinbara, those who settled later – whether for work or retirement – and an increasing group of people who are leaders in the arts and innovation. A deep appreciation of our communities, their heritage, culture, art and creativity is a fundamental characteristic of good Sunshine Coast design.