Sunshine Coast Design Book
  • Last updated:
  • 17 Feb 2020

The Sunshine Coast Design book is the result of a collaborative process that included:

  • residents
  • design professionals
  • planners
  • professional associations and
  • community groups of the Sunshine Coast.

They have all contributed to a discussion focused on what we, the community of the Sunshine Coast, value about this place.

Sunshine Coast Design is for everyone who makes decisions about design on the Sunshine Coast. It is hoped that this book will inspire, educate and guide great design, and help us recognise and celebrate the great design that already exists. It is a call to action for the future we all want to create for the Sunshine Coast.

The book features over 150 stunning photographs depicting a selection of our special places and examples of well designed homes, buildings, parks, public spaces, streets and neighbourhoods on the Sunshine Coast. Explanatory text accompanies the photographs to help communicate what our community values about this place are, and what to keep in mind during the design process.

How to get a copy of the book

You can purchase a hardcover copy of the Sunshine Coast Design book for $50 + postage at selected bookshops listed below or via the Customer Contact Call Centre on (07) 5475 7272:

You can view the digital version online [Flipbook].

Proceeds of the book are used to offset printing costs.


Hollindale Mainwaring Architecture was misspelled in the credits section of Sunshine Coast Design as Mainwaring Hollingworth Architects. The Sunshine Coast Design project team offer their sincere apologies to Hollindale Mainwaring Architecture for this error. The pdf version of the book, available online, has been corrected and the hard-copy version will be corrected for any future print run.