Sunshine Coast Design Book
  • Last updated:
  • 16 Mar 2020

You can purchase a hardcover copy of the Sunshine Coast Design book for $50 + postage at selected bookshops listed below or via the Customer Contact Call Centre on (07) 5475 7272:

You can view the digital version online [Flipbook]. Once the link has been opened, you can also download for free by clicking on ‘Download PDF’ in the top left corner.

Proceeds of the book are used to offset printing costs.


Hollindale Mainwaring Architecture was misspelled in the credits section of Sunshine Coast Design as Mainwaring Hollingworth Architects. The Sunshine Coast Design project team offer their sincere apologies to Hollindale Mainwaring Architecture for this error. The pdf version of the book, available online, has been corrected and the hard-copy version will be corrected for any future print run.