Making Submissions on Applications
  • Last updated:
  • 02 Nov 2016

Anyone can make a submission on a development application. Council will consider submissions during the assessment process.

There are levels of assessment for different types of applications[1590KB]. Impact assessable applications must be publicly advertised by:

  • giving a notice to the owners of all adjoining land
  • publishing a notice in a local newspaper
  • placing a notice on the land.

You can check PD Online to view details of lodged applications.

A properly made submission must:

  • be in writing
  • be made to the assessment manager
  • be signed by each person who made the submission unless it is made electronically
  • state the name and residential or business address of each person who made the submission
  • state what aspects of the plan or proposed development you support or oppose and why
  • be received by council during the formal public notification period.

To submit, you can:

To help you with your submission, you can use the (optional) notice of submission form[919KB].

Note: The Sustainable Planning Act 2009 requires that council publish all submissions (including individual submitter's particulars) on their website (PD Online). These details are therefore available in internet search engines.

Anyone who makes a properly made submission on an impact assessable application can:

  • appeal against council's decision on the development application
  • if a development applicant makes an appeal against a council decision, they become co-respondents with council.

Appeals are made to the Planning and Environment Court.

For more information, refer to the Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning.