Making Submissions on Applications
  • Last updated:
  • 10 Sep 2018

Anyone can make a submission on a development application. Council will consider submissions during the assessment process.

Impact assessable applications must be publicly advertised by:

  • giving a notice to the owners of all adjoining land
  • publishing a notice in a local newspaper
  • placing a notice on the land.

You can check PD Online to view details of lodged applications.

Note: The Planning Act 2016 requires that council publish all submissions (including individual submitter's particulars) on their website (PD Online). These details are therefore available in internet search engines.

A properly made submission must:

  • be made to the assessment manager
  • be in writing
  • be signed by each person who made the submission unless it is made electronically
  • state the name and residential or business address of each person who made the submission
  • state what aspects of the proposed development you support or oppose and why using facts and circumstances
  • be received by council during the formal public notification period.

To submit, you can:

To help you with your submission, you can use the (optional) notice of submission form[863KB].

Anyone who makes a properly made submission on an impact assessable application can:

  • appeal against council's decision on the development application
  • if a development applicant makes an appeal against a council decision, they become co-respondents with council.

Appeals are made to the Planning and Environment Court.

For more information, refer to the Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning website.