Mass transit options
  • Last updated:
  • 15 Dec 2020

The current phase of the mass transit business case process is the Options Analysis. Council will be consulting on the Options Analysis in early-2021. Previous planning has show that the highest priority for providing mass transit is in the coastal corridor from Maroochydore City Centre to Sunshine Coast University Hospital. This precinct experiences significant traffic congestion and has the greatest concentration of activities that would benefit from public transport. However, the options for staging will be reconsidered in the Options Analysis consultation phase. 

There are several options under consideration in the Options Analysis to meet the transport needs of the coastal corridor. They include:

  • Road network upgrades – road upgrades in the coastal corridor which would benefit all users including buses
  • Region-wide bus system operation enhancements – new and existing routes with improved frequency, more direct routes and better connections
  • Region-wide bus system upgrades supported by key bus infrastructure such as improved shelters, sections of bus priority lanes and park ‘n’ ride facilities
  • Quality bus corridor – a high-frequency bus service running in dedicated kerbside bus priority lanes with features such as high-quality vehicles, pre-paid boarding and quality bus stops
  • Bus Rapid Transit – 25 metre-long battery-powered, rubber tyred vehicles running at high frequency in a dedicated busway corridor mostly in the centre of the road with high-quality stations, pre-paid boarding and priority signalling
  • Light Rail Transit - 45 metre long modern rail vehicles running at high frequency on a dedicated trackway mostly in the centre of the road with high-quality stations, pre-paid boarding and priority signalling

The pictures below depict some of these options. Scroll across to see other options. 

Mass transit technology 

Advances in mass transit technology are continuing to provide new design options. These include battery powered vehicles and turfed rights of way. These details will be considered in the Detailed Business Case phase.

Contemporary mass transit systems are integrate with the local area. They can improve connections to neighbourhoods and reduce barriers to movement.  They are typically complemented by streetscape upgrades. This may  improve local amenity and promote quality urban enhancement. The delivery of mass transit can also improve safety in the areas it passes through.

Mass transit can also support walkable communities through active travel infrastructure investment.

Did you know that an electric mass transit system is much more efficient on a per passenger emissions/km basis in terms of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions than individuals driving in cars fuelled by petrol or diesel?


Adelaide’s mass transit system has installed a grassed right-of-way in places to enhance the visual appeal of the system

Mass transit is just one transport solution we need for our future. Find out more about council’s future transport plan.

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