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Please note: The Sunshine Coast Mass Transit project was previously known as the light rail project during the pre-feasibility and feasibility processes undertaken by council in the last decade.

These early feasibility processes assessed the various mass transit options available at that time and the concluded that light rail would be the preferable option. 

When the Business Case process commenced in 2018 the scope of the project was recast to consider a wider range of options, including other mass transit technologies. The references to “light rail” in documents such as the Integrated Transport Strategy are therefore a legacy of the background that informed those documents, rather than any indication that the council still favours light rail.

The endorsed Options Analysis recommended the following of options to be investigated in the Detailed Business Case:

  • quality bus corridor
  • bus rapid transit
  • trackless tram
  • light rail transit
  • wireless light rail transit.

The Options Analysis also recommended that other emerging mass transit technologies be considered as part of the Detailed Business Case.

The key documents produced since council started investigating mass transit options in 2011 can be found in the table below.

Sunshine Coast Mass Transit project documents
 A  Mayoral Correspondence to the Honourable Mark Bailey MP - SCMT Options Analysis[678KB]
 B  CEO Letter to Infrastructure Australia[162KB]
 C  Minutes of Special Meeting 20 October 2021[1724KB]
 D  Sunshine Coast Mass Transit Options Analysis - September 2021[7494KB]
 E  Sunshine Coast Mass Transit Options Analysis Engagement Report - September 2021[14996KB]
 F   Draft Sunshine Coast Mass Transit Options Analysis - April 2021[11202KB]
 G  Working Draft Preliminary Business Case & Options Analysis[13129KB]
 H Interim Findings Report[3028KB]
 I Strategic Business Case (Full Report) - 2019[5850KB]
 J Strategic Business Case (Summary Document) - 2019[6518KB]
 K Premier and Transport Minister Announcement - 2019
 L Urban Transformation Directions Paper - 2017[2583KB]
 M Proposed Route for Further Investigation[193KB]
 N Consultation Report - 2015[3442KB]
 O Sunshine Coast Light Rail: Shaping Our Future - 2014[6199KB]
 P Route Planning & Impact Assessment - 2013[11838KB]
 Q A Line in the Sand (Full Report) Pre-feasibility and Rapid Economic Appraisal Report - 2012[5264KB]
 R A Line in the sand (summary) Pre-feasibility and rapid economic appraisal report - 2012[228KB]

Council meeting documents

Date: 28 January 2021
Agenda: Agenda 280121 OM extracted for web[396KB]
Attachment: 8_1 Planning Scheme Review Att 1 Planning Scheme Review Report 280121 OM[7669KB]
Minutes: Draft Minutes 280121 OM[245KB]

Date: 27 August 2020
Agenda: Item 4.1 p7[5106KB]
Attachment: Community Engagement Framework[99KB]
Minutes: Item 4.1 p6[75KB]

Date: 20 August 2020
Agenda: Item 9 p163[648KB]
Attachment: Notice of Motion[3840KB]
Minutes: Item 9.1 p16[180KB]

Date: 30 January 2020
Agenda: Item 8.3 p49[647KB]
Attachment: Draft Interim Findings Report[4713KB]
Minutes: Item 8.3 p12[20287KB]

Date: 25 July 2019
Agenda: Item 8.1 p7[1192KB]
Attachment 1: Strategic Business Case[18685KB]
Attachment 2: Infrastructure Australia Stage 1 Template[1887KB]
Minutes: Item 8.1 p10[365KB]