Right to information and accessing documents
  • Last updated:
  • 25 Aug 2021

Accessing information from council 

Council is committed to being open and transparent.

Council provides information to the public in a number of ways including via our websites or through property searches. Council officers can also provide information on request, subject to legal and policy requirements (e.g. privacy).

Here are some of the different ways that you can access information from council:

You also have the right to make a formal application for access to documents under the Right to Information Act 2009 or Information Privacy Act 2009. However, applications are intended to be a last resort. You can find out how to make a formal application below.

Making a formal application for access to documents

If you are unable to obtain information via other means (e.g. by requesting it informally or a by a property search), you may wish to make a formal application for access to documents.

Application fee

The application fee from 01 July 2021 is $52.60 if you are applying for one or more documents that do not contain your personal information.

Processing charges

After an application is received, processing charges may also be payable at a rate of $8.15 per 15 minutes. However, before any further amount is payable you will be given an estimate and can then decide if you wish to continue.

Third party consultation

If disclosure of information would reasonably be expected to be of concern to a third party (e.g. another person involved in a complaint or dispute), then council may only give access to such information if it has taken steps to obtain the views of the relevant third party.

Processing timeframes

Once an application is received and is valid, council must provide a decision within 25 business days. This timeframe can be extended in some circumstances (for example where council needs to consult with a third party, or council requests additional time to consider the application).

Application form

Before making a formal application, it is recommended that you firstly contact council to discuss your application and whether information may be available via other means.

If you would like to make a formal application for access to documents, please complete the Right to Information and Information Privacy Access Application Form[200KB]. Read the form carefully to determine whether you also need to pay the application fee or provide evidence of your identity.

Payment options

Payment options include:

  • credit card payment via phone
  • cheque or money order via post
  • pay in-person at a council service centre by credit card, debit card, cash or cheque

Contact council directly to make credit card payment via phone. You may also submit your application without payment and we can contact you to discuss payment.

Due to security requirements, please do not send any credit card details via email.

Submitting the application to council

Completed applications can be lodged in person at a service centre, or posted to:

Right to Information
Sunshine Coast Regional Council
Locked Bag 72

Contact details and more information

• email rti@sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au
contact council 
• or visit the Queensland Government's Right to Information website