Organisation structure
  • Last updated:
  • 14 Oct 2019

The Chief Executive Officer heads council's organisation structure.

The Office of the Mayor and CEO comprises of Corporate Governance, Strategy and Coordination, Communications, Legal Services and Audit & Assurance. This Office reports directly to the CEO.

Each of the five groups are headed by a Group Executive. The groups are: Business Performance, Customer Engagement and Planning Services, Liveability and Natural Assets, Built Infrastructure, and Economic and Community Development.

Customer Engagement and Planning Services group has the following branches:

  • Development Services
  • Customer Response
  • Strategic Planning
  • Waste and Resource Management

  • Economic and Community Development group has the following branches:

  • Community Planning and Development
  • Sport and Community Venues
  • Economic Development
  • Arts Heritage & Libraries
  • Business Performance group has the following branches:

  • People and Culture
  • Property Management
  • Finance
  • Digital and Information Services
  • Business and Innovation
  • Built Infrastructure group has the following branches:

  • Civil Asset Management
  • Asset Management
  • Parks and Gardens
  • Transport and Infrastructure Planning
  • Transport Infrastructure Management
  • Disaster Management

    Liveability and Natural Assets group has the following branches:

  • Project Delivery
  • Environmental Operations
  • Environment and Sustainability Policy
  • Urban Growth Projects
  • Design and Placemaking Services