Administrative action complaints
  • Last updated:
  • 29 Apr 2020

Council is committed to providing a high level of service for all customers. If you have previously lodged a service request and you are dissatisfied with how it was resolved, you can lodge a complaint in accordance with Administrative Action Complaints Management Process (AACMP). The AACMP outlines how council will investigate concerns about the services, actions or decisions of council.

Administrative action complaints do not include initial requests for service or reporting damage or faulty infrastructure, as well as (non exhaustive):

  • Complaints made by a person who is not an "affected person"
  • Any decision made under Local Law or State Legislation where there is a separate statutory review process
  • Petitions to council about a matter
  • Comments or submissions received during formal consultation or community engagement
  • A follow up or further request for service that has not yet been completed by council but is still within the timeframes advised to the customer
  • Complaints about Councillor conduct.

You can find more information in council's Administrative Action Complaints Management Process[510KB].

Anonymous complaints will be accepted however council's ability to adequately deal with an issue may be impacted.

Any personal information that you provide to council will be handled in accordance with council's Privacy Policy

Customer service requests

Any initial concerns you have, or a request for service, should be managed in the first instance by lodging a service request. This may include (for example) matters like:

  • Street parking
  • Animal management concerns (ie. barking dogs)
  • Public health concerns
  • Pot holes in the road; or
  • Bin collections

Conduct complaints

Council is committed to providing a high level of service for all customers. If you have concerns about the actions or behaviour of council staff (or contractors) that does not align to our Employee Code of Conduct you may consider raising this with council.

In relation to suspicions of serious misconduct (i.e. fraud, corruption) you may direct your complaint immediately to the CEO (see details below) or to the Crime and Corruption Commission.

Lodging a complaint


If you have not previously contacted council about your matter please lodge a customer service request.

To lodge an administrative action complaint please complete the Administrative Action Complaints form[66KB].

In person

You can lodge a complaint by contacting council.

Assistance available

If you require interpreter services, or have special communication needs to complete an administrative action complaints form, please contact council for assistance.