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This video will show you how to search for a specific application and access application details in Development.i.

On the home page click on the Application Search button, you will notice this button changes colour to blue.

In the Search box enter the application number that you are searching for.

You will notice as you type in the number, it will automatically predict what you are typing and present you with results. Keep typing until you can see the application number that you are searching for and click on it.

On the results page you will be presented with a summary of the application details and the map that displays the location of the application.

There are two methods to access this particular application's details.

One, you can click on the blue dot on the map and then the details button from the pop up. Alternatively, from the Summary List view you can also click on the details button.

Here you will be presented with the application details page that will provide you with more information such as full application details; any properties associated to this application, a location map and the different assessment stages of the application.

If you click on any property that is listed as associated to the application another tab in your web browser or on your mobile device will open and display the property details for that property.

You can also view all the documents associated to this application by clicking the view documents link in the top right corner. Please be aware that documents are only available for some application types. If documents are available to view, you can view these by clicking the download or preview buttons.

Submissions or comments can also be received on certain application types by clicking on the Make a Submission/Comment link.

You might want to save this application and receive an email alert as it progresses through the assessment process. For more information about favouriting an application please watch the video on how to save searches and set alerts in Development.i.

This video provides you with a good overview of how to search for a specific application in Development.i. Further 'how to' videos and additional supporting material is available on the Development.i web page on council's website.