Using the Caloundra Aerodrome

Find general aviation information for pilots and the Fly Neighbourly Policy

Using the Caloundra Aerodrome

There are two sealed runways at Caloundra Aerodrome. These are runway 05/23 and runway 12/30, which are both 795m long and 18m wide.

There is also a sealed taxiway leading to an apron, which extends to the north-east beyond the end of 05/23 runway. Caloundra Aerodrome is categorised under the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations as “Other Aerodromes – operations under proposedCASR 135”.

Location coordinates

Elevation:38 feet
Location identifier:YCDR

Download a printable version of the aerodrome map[278KB].

For current fees and charges in this area refer to page 3 of the fees and charges register.

En Route Supplement Australia (ERSA)

The En Route Supplement Australia (ERSA) contains information for pilots using the aerodrome, including:

  • pictorials
  • physical characteristics
  • hours of operation
  • visual ground aids
  • lighting and airport operators' details.

ERSA is a joint military / Airservices Australia publication which contains vital information for planning a flight and to assist the pilot during flight. It is available by subscription through Airservices Australia.

Fly Neighbourly Policy

Pilots and aircraft operating at Caloundra Aerodrome must comply with regulations and procedures stipulated by Airservices Australia and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). This includes the En Route Supplement Australia (ERSA) and the Visual Pilot Guide. These requirements include noise reduction procedures.

Although the aerodrome was in place before most residents moved to the area, Caloundra Aerodrome has developed and implemented a Fly Neighbourly Policy[16KB].

The Fly Neighbourly Policy ensures pilots and aviation businesses consider operational noise impacts and how they can minimise noise in and around the aerodrome.