Education and events

Keep up to date with council's flying fox actions and upcoming community events.

Education and events

Flying-fox events are held throughout the year so our community can learn more about this incredibly important species. Keep up to date at or subscribe to Sunshine Coast Council Weekly eNewsletter 


BatPod is a choose your own adventure series for ages 10–15 where you get to call the shots.

We live in one of the most beautiful parts of the planet and we get to share it with some amazing creatures.

Sometimes it can be hard living near them, take flying-foxes for example. These animals are vital to our environment but they can be noisy, smelly and messy neighbours.

You're invited to join Tyron, and our team at Sunshine Coast Council, to try and problem solve ways to live alongside these animals peacefully.

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7th annual Australasian bat night 2021

Back in person and at a new venue, the recent bat night was the biggest and best ever! Check out the highlights in our video.

7th annual Australasian bat night

Online bat night 2020

A global pandemic couldn’t stop the crowd-favourite bat night from going ahead. For all the presentations from our first ever online bat night, check out our YouTube playlist and re-live bat night 2020.

Community news

A Flying-fox community news iKeep up to date at or subscribe to Sunshine Coast Council Weekly eNewsletter.  

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Follow Frankie

Share your photos and videos of council's very own Frankie the flying-fox, and follow her fantastic adventures on Instagram at #frankietheflyingfox.

BatPod podcast

Welcome to your first day on the job as a junior conservation officer. Let’s learn the ropes and check out some flying foxes.