Memorials and plaques
  • Last updated:
  • 08 Sep 2021

Great comfort can be found in placing a memorial as a tribute to a loved one. It provides a place of remembrance, a place for grieving and healing, and a record of a loved one’s life.

Sunshine Coast Council offers a range of memorials which meet individual needs and allow a personalised tribute to a loved one. Council can assist with placing a memorial or you may choose to engage an independent monumental mason to guide you through the process to place a memorial on your behalf. Your monumental mason will be aware of the requirements for placing a memorial in a council cemetery. 

New memorials 

To progress the placement of a memorial please either:

For further assistance please:

  • Contact council’s Cemetery Office on (07) 5459 2300 to make an appointment, or
  • Visit the office in person at Kulangoor Cemetery located 31-89 Ackerman Road, Kulangoor.

Completed applications can be emailed to, submitted in person at the office, or lodged at any of council’s customer contact centres. 

Applications may also be posted to Locked Bag 72, Sunshine Coast Mail Centre, QLD 4560.

  • Engage an independent monumental mason who will be able to guide you through the process for placing a memorial in a council cemetery.

Please note that the family or representative of the deceased remains responsible for the maintenance of plaques, memorials and monuments. Many of council’s cemeteries permit only certain styles, design and dimensions of memorials. Council can provide further guidance in this regard if required. 

Maintenance of existing memorials

Council or your monumental mason can perform significant maintenance and repair work on your behalf to an existing memorial subject to an application and approval. 

Minor cosmetic repair and cleaning can be performed by the family after informing council through a Notice of Intent application[269KB].

Memorial and monumental works forms