Viewing your plumbing permits online transcript

Viewing your plumbing permits online video transcript.

This video shows you how to view and access your plumbing permits via the 'My Plumbing Permits' link available through the Sunshine Coast Council online plumbing inspections system.

To view your plumbing permits online, click on 'My Plumbing Permits' link in the Plumbing Inspections tile from the MyCouncil dashboard.

From the My Plumbing Permits screen, you can see all current permits that you are linked to.

You can select the number of permits displayed on the screen by choosing from the list available in the 'Show entries' section of the page.

Alternately, use the search bar to filter your results, based on permit number, address or authorised business.

To sort the list of permits, click on the up or down arrow next to Permits.

You may also reorder based on address or authorised business.

Use 'Next' or 'Previous' options to display entries based on page view.

Further details on the permit and inspection bookings can be viewed by clicking the 'Details/Booking' button.

To end responsibility of a permit, select the permit you wish to update and click on 'End Responsible Person'.

Select stage from the drop down list, enter the 'date responsibility ended' and click on 'Yes' to confirm.

The Edit icon allows you to add an authorised business for booking inspections.

Enter the plumber details in the pop up window and click on 'Save' to update permit.

You can also view your list of past permits by clicking on 'My Final Inspection Certificates' quick links. This provides you with your last twenty-five finalised permits.

To view more, enter the permit number in search bar and make a selection.

This video has provided you with an overview of how to view and access your plumbing permits, add an authorised business to your permits, end responsibility and view your list of finalised permits, all available through the online plumbing inspections system.

Further 'how to' videos and additional supporting material is available on the online plumbing inspections web page on the council's website