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Flying fox community news June 2018

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Elizabeth Street Drain tree poisoning update

The investigation into the recent environmental vandalism is still ongoing. Council’s Community Response team has performed a door knock of the area to gather information and establish persons of interest to report. However, at this stage, no person of interest has been established.

The health of the affected trees has declined to a point whereby it is no longer safe to enter the area. Parks and Gardens will soon commence work to identify all remaining hazards and remove any that directly impact property before works can begin on revegetation and rehabilitation of the site.

This site will not be decommissioned as a flying fox roost, however due to the extent of damage to the roost trees, it is highly unlikely the flying foxes will return until the new growth reaches an appropriate size.

This act of vandalism has not only affected the livelihood of the flying foxes that roost here, it has also impacted many other species that rely on eucalypts and fig trees for food, shelter and nesting sites. Furthermore, the seasonal population will now likely relocate to other nearby suitable sites or splinter across several camps.

If anyone has any information about these actions and the recent poisoning of street trees in Russell Street, please contact Council on (07) 5475 7272.

General flying fox roost updates

Across the region, many of the flying foxes have begun the seasonal abandonment of their maternity roosts. Elizabeth Drain and Aragorn Bushland have been abandoned altogether, while Vidler Park and Tooway have experienced increased numbers of both Black and Grey-Headed flying foxes over the last few weeks. As we get deeper into winter, more flying foxes are expected to vacate the remaining roosts and occupy their over-wintering roosts, such as Bells Creek and Maroochy River.

Australasian bat night

The annual Australasian Bat night was held at Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve on Saturday 28 April 2018. Due to increased demand over previous years, capacity was increased, with the waiting list filling up over a week before the event.

The night was again a success, with over 185 attendees registered and many patrons dressing up and embracing the spirit of the evening. Those that attended were treated to a wildlife display from Geckoes Wildlife, a cultural connections talk from Brent Miller of the Kabi Kabi dancers, information about the importance of microbats by Dr Les Hall, capped off with a movie under the stars, while rugged up with wood fired pizza and hot drinks.

The flying foxes at Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve were also very accommodating and performed their nightly fly-out directly over the crowd - drawing many enthusiastic onlookers of all ages.

Backyard buddies - library talks

Geckoes Wildlife are performing a series of five, FREE wildlife presentations in libraries across the region, promoting flying foxes and native wildlife such as owls and goannas.

Learn how flying foxes enhance the environment by pollinating and spreading seeds, while getting a close look at some of these amazing animals. Bookings are essential, so get in quickly.

Beerwah LibrarySaturday 30 June10 - 11.30am
Caloundra LibrarySaturday 23 June10 - 11.30am
Coolum LibraryTuesday 5 June5 - 6.30pm
Maroochydore LibraryTuesday 12 June10.30am - 12pm
Nambour LibraryWednesday 13 June10 - 11.30am