Ninox environmental reserve

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Pademelons are a familiar sight in some of our special hinterland reserves, such as Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve. However, they are rarely observed in our region’s coastal lowlands. It was therefore very exciting when we picked up these cute, small macropods in Ninox environmental reserve during a recent fauna survey.

This important reserve was purchased through council’s environment levy in October 2016. It remains a hotspot for rare fauna sightings. The secretive sooty owl (Tyto tenebricosa tenebricosa) known for its eerie ‘bomb whistle’ call, and Australia’s largest owl, the powerful owl (Ninox strenua) were both spotted during a fauna assessment in the reserve. Both owl species are a rare find in most areas and generally need a habitat with large tree hollows. Suitable tree hollows for roosting and nesting can usually be found in eucalypts older than 200 years. Powerful owls are sometimes spotted during the day in dense forest clinging onto the remains of last night’s meal (often a possum). The powerful owl is listed as 'vulnerable' to extinction in Queensland. Sightings are so rare that the reserve was actually renamed after it!