At Home in My Neighbourhood
  • Last updated:
  • 28 May 2020

At Home in My Neighbourhood aims to nurture socially cohesive neighbourhoods. Neighbour to neighbour, street to street and neighbourhood to neighbourhood.

This program builds a sense of belonging and wellbeing and assists communities to become more resilient through encouraging social connections, neighbourhood improvement projects and sharing stories.

Council has brought together resources, ideas and information to assist you to explore different opportunities to become a more connected and supportive neighbourhood.

Stay Connected, Stay Informed, Stay Healthy, Stay Playful, Stay Creative and Stay Neighbourly to help combat social isolation, loneliness and community disconnection.

Together we can build more connected and inclusive community – a strong community.

Download a free CovidKindness postcard [142KB] to pop into your neighbour’s mailbox with your phone number and how you can help i.e. shopping, running errands or a friendly chat.

#CovidKindness - Tell Us Your Neighbourly Stories Competition

Sunshine Coast residents are invited to share inspiring stories about a neighbour or their neighbourhood for the chance to win a $1500 four person evacuation kit and a street party for their neighbourhood (including food and entertainment) when it’s safe to do so.
For more information and to submit your entry visit councils engagement website.