Permit for temporary work within road corridor
  • Last updated:
  • 10 Jul 2019

The temporary work permit allows council to authorise temporary activities within the road corridor. If the request relates to seeking approval for permanent infrastructure within the road corridor, an application through Community Land Permits is required. 

A general guide to permit temporary work[111KB] within a road corridor is available.

Under the Local Government Act, council must approve work within the road corridor. The temporary work permit allows council to:

  • approve activities in the road corridor
  • minimise the disruption and risk to the general community from work carried out
  • preserve existing community assets.

All activities described below are prescribed activities and are controlled under Local Law 1 and require a permit.


  • The temporary occupation of the road corridor by a private person for non profit purpose, e.g. shipping container, mini skip, stored equipment or building materials.


  • Applies to existing retail outlets, multi-dwelling residential, industrial or commercial buildings.
  • For a crane lift or similar request to occupy community land.


  • Short term commercial (less than six hours no road or lane closure).
  • All other requests for the occupation of road corridor or community land where there is a possible risk of damage to a community asset.


Each application has a fee along with a bond as security for the proposed work.

The bond may be used to cover the cost of replacing or repairing any damaged existing asset if required. Further costs may be enforced if damage exceeds the prescribed bond amount.

Type Application Fee/Bond Amount
Domestic Application Fee $187.00
Domestic Bond $536.00
Commercial Application Fee $516.00
Commercial Bond $2,684.00
Other Application Fee $187.00
Other Bond Varies up to max. of $2,684.00

All bonds will be refunded when all work and any occupation within the road corridor has been completed to council’s satisfaction and within agreed timeframes.

Quick step permit application process

Allow 10 days from the date of the application and payment.

Step 1 – Complete application with the following site information.

Domestic applications will only be approved if the following items have been completed in full:

  1. Site Plan (clearly showing all proposed construction within the road corridor)
  2. Signature/s of primary applicant
  3. Start and completion dates
  4. A traffic and pedestrian management plan prepared by a qualified professional and in accordance with the appropriate legislation (if requested by council officer)
  5. Prescribed fees and charges.

Commercial and Other applications must contain the following information before final approval can be given and is for work considered as, renovation, restoration or changes to an existing property:

  1. Approved site plans
  2. Signatures of applicant
  3. Program of Work
  4. A traffic and pedestrian management plan prepared by a qualified professional and in accordance with the appropriate legislation.
  5. Prescribed fees and charges.

Step 2 – Applicant to present application to Customer Service for processing along with the bond and fee payment and the site plan, scope of work and site specific traffic management plan.

Step 3 – A council officer will investigate and seek approval of the application from all relevant council departments.

Step 4 – Council approves the application subject to general and site specific conditions.

Step 5 – Upon completion of the proposed work, application should be made through council’s Customer Service Centre on (07) 5475 7272 requesting a site inspection and approval of the bond refund. The applicant must ensure that all environmental controls and building materials have been removed from the road corridor and the area has been restored to its pre-existing condition.


For more information, please contact the council's customer service centre.