Disability parking permits
  • Last updated:
  • 08 Nov 2019

A disability parking permit is issued to people when their ability to walk is severely restricted. This may be due to a medical condition or disability. The permit gives the holder access to parking concessions.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads administers both the Queensland Disability Parking Permit Scheme (DPPS) and the Australian Disability Parking Scheme (ADPP) and issues permits to people with impaired mobility.

To be eligible for the ADPP (as an individual), the applicant must meet the ADPP eligibility criteria.

For information and application forms refer to the Department of Transport and Main Roads website.

Parking concessions

ADPP holders are entitled to parking concessions for on-street and off-street parking bays. On-street parking in metered and regulated parking bays is free of charge. Conditions apply to time limits:

  • where the time limit on a sign is less than 30 minutes, parking is allowed for 30 minutes
  • where the time limit on a sign is 30 minutes or more, parking is allowed for an unlimited amount of time.

ADPP holders may also park in parking bays that have the international symbol of access for on street and off-street parking bays. Off-street parking bays are in areas such as:

  • shopping centres
  • entertainment areas
  • hospitals

An international symbol of access is used to identify parking bays for people with disabilities, mobility constraints or impairments. This is regardless of the colour of the signage.

Please note that private car parks may charge parking fees.

Concessions in other states may vary. Permit holders should check the local guidelines before travelling.

Parking concessions for blue permit holders

Blue permits are no longer issued by Department of Transport and Main Roads and has been replaced by the ADPP.

Parking concessions for red permit holders

Red permit holders can park in disability parking bays in off-street locations. This includes parking bays near shopping centres and hospitals. These concessions apply Australia wide.

Full details and the application process for permits are available on the Department of Transport and Main Roads website.

Local laws

Council provides parking bays, signage and road markings in public places and council controlled areas. Council’s parking officers may issue infringement notices (fines) for the misuse of private parking bays.

The legal framework under which council operates is set out in the following documents. The documents are available from the Queensland Government Legislation website:

  • Transport Operations Road Use Management Act 1995 
  • Transport Operations Road Use Management Road Rules Regulation 2009 
  • Transport Operations Road Use Management Traffic Regulation 1962.