Buying and renting a home
  • Last updated:
  • 28 Nov 2021

Owners and real estate agents advertise in local newspapers and online. You can also visit the real estate office to ask for a list of properties for rent in the area. 

To start looking online for a property to rent or buy, try the following websites:


If you see a property you like you will need to arrange a time to have a look at the property. Real Estate agents or property owners will organise the inspections and will be there to let you in and show you around. There may be other people having a look around as well as you.

For information explaining the processes and legal requirements to buying and owning a home visit Queensland Government.


Check that the property is convenient for transport and parking and if the rent includes any bills, such as electricity and water. If you like the property, ask for an application form. The application form is how the property owner can find out about you to see if they think you will be suitable for their property.

On the application form you will have to answer questions about yourself. For example:

  • where you have lived before
  • how much rent you paid
  • your employment
  • how much you earn.

You will also need to provide two referees from someone who can guarantee you would be a good tenant. 

Shared accommodation

Depending on your circumstances, you might find it easier to find share accommodation. People who rent or own houses sometimes rent out a single room. Rooms to rent are advertised on websites such as:


Rental agreements  

If you rent a house, unit, room, caravan or houseboat in Queensland there are rules that you must follow. 

A lease (agreement to rent) is a legal document. Don’t sign it until you have looked at the property and fully understand the document. The lease will include a period of time where you guarantee that you will live there and pay the rent. This could be anywhere between three months and one year. 

Payment of a bond, equal to one month’s rent, plus one month’s rent in advance, is usual practice when renting. The bond is normally returned when tenants vacate, minus any costs for repairs or cleaning if required.

Know your legal rights

Understand your rights and responsibilities when renting a home. If you have any problems contact the agent or owner in the first.  If the problem cannot be resolved you can contact the following organisations for support.

Queensland Statewide Tenant Advice and Referral Service (QSTARS) is a free statewide advice and referral service for all Queensland renters.

Phone: 1300 744 263

Residential Tenancies Authority provides advice about renting housing in Queensland. You can download or order their pocket guide for tenants. The guide is available in nine languages

Phone: 1300 366 311

Rental support

If you receive a Centrelink payment you may be able to apply to rent public housing. 

Phone: (07) 5352 7333