Aaron Chapman
  • Last updated:
  • 11 May 2020

"As the world enters a new reality of closed doors, bridges and runways, those wielding cameras are left wondering how we’ll expend our photographic energy if we’re not allowed outside. No more street photography. No more landscapes. No more pictures of people. No more pictures. 


Though opportunities to pursue these photographic forms may be limited in the coming days, weeks, months, let’s observe how this pandemic forces our creative hand by challenging ourselves to make pictures at home."

Photographer, writer and In Residence Curator, Aaron Chapman.

Aaron Chapman is a visual artist and writer based on the Gold Coast. In 2019, Chapman was a Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize semi-finalist, and a finalist in the Australian Life Photography Competition at Art & About Sydney.

You can read the article Aaron wrote that inspired the (In Residence) series.

In the first week of the residence program Aaron captured the images below.