Get help to protect your place
  • Last updated:
  • 04 Jan 2022

Generally, as a resident you are responsible for managing invasive plants on your property. This requires regular ongoing control and monitoring.

Become biosecurity aware and get to know priority invasive plants in your area. You can protect your property by monitoring areas such as waterways, paths, roads and boundary fences where these plants can become established on your property and remove them before they do. 

It is important to start management on the highest priority invasive plants in your catchment. These are the ones listed as Alert, Eradicate or Manage towards eradication in the Sunshine Coast Biosecurity Plan. Once you have removed invasive plants, replanting with more desirable plants will help to outcompete any regrowth and re-establish habitat. If you have land on your property that you don’t plan to use why not get help to turn it into a wildlife habitat by joining a gardens for wildlife or land for wildlife program.  

Council provides a range of services to the community to assist in managing invasive plants.