Plectranthus omissus
  • Last updated:
  • 27 Sep 2018

A new population of Plectranthus omissus has been recorded on the Sunshine Coast near Eudlo on a Voluntary Conservation Agreement property.

Plectranthus omissus is only known from five other sites in the whole world and this new record is the southern most extent for this species. It differs from other local Plectranthus species by being a sub-shrub as opposed to a herb.

The species is listed as Endangered both at the State and Federal level. Threats facing this species include inappropriate fire regime and weeds. Luckily this recently discovered population is growing on a Nature Refuge protected property with a highly dedicated landholder committed to eradicating weeds that could outcompete this endangered species such as molasses grass and lantana.

Images by Nick Clancy, Conservation Partnerships Officer, Sunshine Coast Council