Biodiversity report
  • Last updated:
  • 10 Sep 2020

The Biodiversity Report provides a snapshot in time of the biodiversity assets of our beautiful Sunshine Coast. The results of this report provide essential information that will enable council to better understand our biodiversity assets, identify priority investment areas and inform the review and development of new environmental strategies for biodiversity conservation.

The Biodiversity Report 2016 reports on the extent and type of vegetation, habitat areas, threatened flora and fauna and the conservation estate at both a local government area and catchment scale.

The report found the Sunshine Coast landscape continues to support a diverse range of flora and fauna, and ecosystems, making the region one of the most biodiverse areas in South East Queensland.

The report also sets a benchmark and provides a monitoring and reporting framework to assist in evaluating the effectiveness of council’s and the community’s biodiversity protection, enhancement and management efforts.

Biodiversity Report 2016 Overview[12619KB]

Biodiversity Report 2016 Snapshot[4839KB]

Council's goal is to maintain the 2016 extent of native vegetation (no net less) by 2041 and council is working to preserve and protect the Sunshine Coast's biodiversity through actions in the Environment and Liveability Strategy.

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