Two Tree House - view from veranda
Two Tree House Detached Dwelling
  • Last updated:
  • 23 Oct 2020

Location: Buderim, Sunshine Coast
Description: Detached single dwelling
Building size: 262m²
Site area: 1199m²
Completed: 2016
Designer: Bark Architects
Photography: Christopher Fredrick Jones

Project overview

Two Tree House is located in a low density residential area on the northern escarpment of Buderim mountain. The house is carefully planned to retain and capture views of two mature flooded gum trees on the site and long views to the hills and landcape beyond.

This single level house uses a lightweight steel structure and cantilevers over the site. The plan locates the bedrooms on one side and living areas on the other. A timber batten breezeway in the centre of the house channels breezes and connects indoor and outdoor spaces. The house has a raked ceiling with high-level windows and louvres that bring natural sunlight in a capture external views inside the house.

Watch the following clip to take a tour of Two Tree House, meet the architect and clients and hear about how the house demonstrates the Sunshine Coast Design Principles.