• Last updated:
  • 29 Mar 2019

This section is designed to inform users of the latest updates and project news. The LIM was endorsed in principle by council on 23 May 2013 and is referenced in the Planning Scheme. As the LIM is a living document, it will be updated regularly as improved products and technical information becomes available.

The latest updates are outlined below. 

Update Date Status Section Documents Updated
Project News [702KB]
January 2018 Update   Project News
Waterways (Watercraft Facilities) 
January 2018 New Embellishments - Water Access, Facilities and Treatment Information Sheet
Signage - Environment, Coastal and Waterways
Signage - Parks and Gardens
March 2017 New Embellishments - Signs, Art and Memorials Overarching
Information Sheet
Graphic Design Templates
Technical Drawings
Irrigation  February 2017 New Embellishments - Utilities and Smart Technology Information Sheet
Technical Drawings
Ramps and Stairs December 2016 New Embellishments - Pedestrian Infrastructure Information Sheet

The LIM Transmittal Record[259KB] displays the most recent updates made to the LIM category documents.

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