Contributed asset acceptance portal
  • Last updated:
  • 30 Aug 2022

Development approvals can include conditions for the construction of public infrastructure and facilities. These are called ‘contributed assets’.

A detailed council inspection, maintenance and acceptance process ensures this infrastructure is built safe and fit for purpose for the community to use.

The Contributed Asset Acceptance Portal is council’s online system to assess and approve infrastructure to be handed over to council as part of a development approval. The portal provides an efficient and consistent asset handover process. It ensures transparency, consistency, accountability, awareness and record keeping.

The portal is part of council’s wider process for contributed asset acceptance.

The portal has 4 key features:

  1. Application details and tracking
  2. Online checklists for assessing assets and recording any defects
  3. Notifications, based on subscriptions enabled
  4. Document upload and viewing.

The portal is to be used for operational work construction applications:

  • submitted to council after November 2021, and
  • on-maintenance has not been approved.

The portal does not cover contributed assets that have already had on maintenance approval before November 2021 as the portal cannot be used halfway through the process.

Support for applications within Priority Development Areas is not currently available in the portal as council is not the assessment manager for these locations:

Electronic versions of the checklists are available below for projects not eligible to use the portal. Developers are encouraged to use these to confirm compliance and submit their request for on and off maintenance.

The portal provides online checklists that are to be used as part of on and off maintenance.

Below is an export of each checklist that currently exists in the portal.

Access to CAAP is through MyCouncil, council's online services portal.

New users need to be authorised to use the system.

Access to CAAP needs you to have a personal MyCouncil account that is then linked to the business the application is lodged under.

Register your interest to use CAAP, council's development services will guide you through registration and provide assistance using the new system.

For more information on how the portal works and its features: