Environment and Liveability Strategy 2017
  • Last updated:
  • 13 Nov 2019

Council adopted the Environment and Liveability Strategy at its 14 September 2017 Ordinary Meeting.


The strategy provides an integrated framework and sets strategic directions to guide the actions of council and its partners to ensure a healthy environment and liveable Sunshine Coast to 2041.


In this rapidly changing world there will be many challenges and opportunities for our much loved Sunshine Coast way of life – increasing population, changing climate, economic growth and emerging technologies.

By identifying the key challenges and harnessing the opportunities that will present over the next 25 years, the strategy sets a course for proactive action through the setting of policy positions, targets and identification of transformational actions that aim to:

  • maintain and nurture our natural environment
  • respond to the challenge of population growth
  • build resilience against the potential impacts of climate change
  • create liveable spaces and places to live, work and play
  • drive renewable energy, efficiency and technical know-how
  • live up to the expectations of future generations.

The strategy consists of three parts:

  • Part A[8164KB]: Strategic directions (vision, guiding principles, policy positions)
  • Part B[1390KB]: Five-year implementation plan (transformational actions) September 2019 edition
  • Part C[10593KB]: Network plan (technical detail and desired standards of service)

Using the strategy

The adopted policy positions assist to:

  • Inform planning and operational activities.
  • Guide council decision-making and community initiatives.
  • Drive implementation, delivering on the transformational actions.
  • Engage stakeholders and community to build and strengthen partnerships.

Previous strategic directions

The Environment and Liveability Strategy supersedes the following council strategies adopted in 2010/11:

  • Affordable Living Strategy 2010-2020
  • Biodiversity Strategy 2010-2020
  • Climate Change and Peak Oil Strategy 2010-2020.
  • Open Space Strategy 2011
  • Social Infrastructure Strategy 2011
  • Waterways and Coastal Management Strategy 2011-2021

Annual reporting

Our collective achievements are highlighted in the strategy's annual reports:

Community engagement

The community was invited to comment on the draft Environment and Liveability Strategy and its proposed strategic directions in May and June 2017. To see what the community told us during the consultation period, download the Summary[406KB]

Previous plans

Other background/useful information

Environment and Liveability Strategy - Overview[706KB]

A number of images from council's Environment Levy funded photography competition have been showcased within the Environment and Liveability Strategy and its associated collateral:

More information

For more information about the Environment and Liveability Strategy, please contact council.