Manage your saved searches and alerts transcript

Manage your saved searches and alerts video transcript.

In an earlier video you would have seen how to save map searches, favourite properties and applications and create email alerts. This video will concentrate on showing you how you can manage your own saved searches and alerts.

All your saved searches and alerts are managed in your saved searches and alerts page. Click on the saved searches and alerts link. If you are not logged in, you will need to do so to view this page.

Here you will be presented with a table that includes our saved searches from the last video.

Depending on how many entries you have saved, you can adjust the number of entries on one page, search for a specific saved search or sort by a column. You can sort by "Saved Search Name", "Alert Description" or "Last update".

You can quickly modify the saved search name and/or adjust your frequency of alerts. Notice these modifications are saved automatically.

The last column on the right allows you to view the saved search or delete it if you no longer require that search.

This video provides you with a good overview of how to manage your saved searches and alerts in Development.i. Further 'how to' videos and additional supporting material is available on the Development.i web page on council's website.