Introduction to online plumbing inspections system transcript

Introduction to online plumbing inspections system video transcript.

Sunshine Coast Council's building and plumbing services now have an online plumbing inspections system providing customers with an easy to use alternative to lodging hard copy form sevens and spending time on the phone booking inspections.

We recognise that time is of the essence for a successful plumbing.

When you are constantly on the go, it can be challenging to get the information you need quickly and accurately.

Accessed through MyCouncil, the online plumbing inspections system allows you to:

  • lodge an electronic form seven against any type of permit
  • you can manage your inspection bookings
  • make a new booking
  • change or cancel a booking
  • you can view your list of completed inspections and results, or
  • see all your current and finalised permits.

All of this can be done from your desktop or mobile device. Anytime.

There is no need to spend your precious time on the phone during business hours booking inspections and separately lodging hard copy form sevens.

Council's system simplifies the process, makes booking easier removes unnecessary paperwork and ultimately saves your time.

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