Lodge an electronic form 7 transcript

Lodge an electronic form 7 video transcript.

This video will show you how to lodge a form seven using council's online plumbing inspections system.

From the MyCouncil dashboard, under the Plumbing Inspection tile, click on 'Lodge Electronic Form 7'.

Here you are presented with the Plumbing Inspections page. Under the plumbing permit search section of the screen, enter the permit number for which you wish to lodge a form seven.

Alternatively, you could choose to enter the address of the property or search using the lot and plan numbers.

Verify details of your plumbing permit and click on 'Continue'.

Here, you are presented with an electronic form seven.

In the 'Plumbers Details' section of the page, register as a responsible person for the permit by entering the 'Date you commenced as a responsible person'.

Add an authorised business if the permit is undertaken by a business. Providing this information at the time of lodgement will ensure inspection bookings for the permit can be handled by a representative. Click 'Next'.

Check to confirm if your QBCC licence is up to date. Please contact council on the plumbing inspections line on (07) 5475 7526 to have your licence updated prior to lodging an form sevens.

In the 'Stages/Description' section of the form, select the applicable option for the permit you are lodging for from 'Work to be completed' or 'Work that has been completed'.

Select all the stages for which you will be the responsible person and add details of the work you will be completing. Click Next.

If you are taking over a permit select the stage from which you became the responsible person from the drop down list under the 'New Responsibility' section of the form.

Click submit to lodge your form seven with council. Your form seven has now been successfully submitted and you will now be able to book inspections online for this permit.

You may also lodge form sevens at any time from the quick links menu.

This video has provided you with an overview of how to lodge a form seven online using the 'lodge electronic form seven' available through the online plumbing inspections system. Further 'how to' videos and additional supporting material is available on the online plumbing inspections web page on the council's website https://www.sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au/plumbingonline.