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Responsible cat ownership

Council promotes socially responsible behaviour for cat owners as part of a community awareness and education campaign.

Cat owners must register their pets each year and follow local law regulations. Find out more on the registering and licensing page.

Your cat = your responsibility.

Responsible cat ownership means

  • Register your cat each year.
  • Council also offers lifetime registration for desexed and microchipped cats.
  • Keep your cat contained at all times - cats are not allowed to roam off your property. You may need to adjust your fence or build a cat enclosure if you want to exercise your cat outside.
  • Leash your cat - if you walk your cat outside your property it must be on a leash and held by a capable person.
  • Desex your cat - although not compulsory, this will help to reduce unwanted litters. Behavioural problems in cats can also lead to roaming issues.
  • Microchip your cat - if born after 1 July 2009 and before it reaches 12 weeks of age or ownership changes.

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