Current field closures
  • Last updated:
  • 17 Oct 2021

Council endeavours to keep our sport and recreation facilities open as often as possible. At times they may need to close due to wet weather, maintenance or field renovations. For details of current sports field closures at Maroochydore Multi Sports Complex, please refer to the table below.

Closed fields must not be used. Schools, clubs, groups and persons who use the fields against council's advice are reminded that should they cause damage to the playing surface, they may be liable for fines and/or cost for any damage caused.

This information is updated on business days if there are any changes. If weather conditions change after hours or over the weekend, please contact your club. They will determine playing and/or training conditions.

Maroochydore Multi Sports Complex Status
AFL ovals  
Neil Upton Oval (oval 1) Field Closed
Rayner Matson Oval (oval 2) Field Closed
Oval 3 Field Closed
Oval 4 Image
Soccer Fields  
Soccer 1 (senior) Field Closed
Soccer 2 (junior) Field Closed
Soccer 3 (junior) Field Closed
Netball Courts  
Turf courts Image