Caloundra South Priority Development Area (PDA) Network Plans
  • Last updated:
  • 30 Dec 2020

Council endorsed three network plans at its June 2018 Ordinary Meeting. These were:

  • Caloundra South Community Facilities Plan 2018
  • Aura Sports Network Plan 2018
  • Aura City of Colour Public Art Masterplan 2018    


Caloundra South Priority Development Area (PDA) is planned to be home for approximately 50,000 residents over the next 25 years, with 20,000 new homes, major parklands, sports parks, educational facilities and 700 hectares of linked conservation land.These network plans will help guide the development of the community infrastructure of Caloundra South and support the residents’ ability to participate in the community and engage in healthy and active lifestyles.Together, these network plans will:

  • establish a well-planned network of social infrastructure and create a connected, active and healthy community.
  • provide an integrated network of sports parks that cater for different levels and standards of competition.
  • ensure public art is conceptually connected by setting an overarching vision for art, describing what the artworks aspire to achieve and providing thematic inspiration for artists.
  The three network plans are available to view below:


The Caloundra South Local Government Infrastructure Agreement (LGIA) required the preparation of three detailed network plans to further guide the planning and delivery of the community infrastructure of Caloundra South.

Caloundra South Community Facilities Plan 2018

Council has prepared the Community Facilities Plan in consultation with Stockland and Economic Development Queensland (EDQ).The Community Facilities Plan describes the role, function and desired standards for each community facility to guide the delivery of an integrated network that will meet community needs. The Plan further provides indicative population thresholds to trigger the preliminary investigation and delivery of each facility. A total of 10.955ha will be transferred to council for the following purposes:

  • Major Civic Centre (15,000m2 land)
  • Major Sports Facility (18,000m2 land)
  • Eco Community Facility and Neighbourhood Meeting Room (4,000m2 land)
  • Three (3) District Community Centres (3 x 10,000m2 land)
  • Six (6) Local Community Centres (6 x 5,000m2 land) plus Bellvista Community Meeting Place (delivered)
  • 13 Neighbourhood Meeting Rooms (13 x 750m2 land)

Council is to deliver or facilitate the development of community facilities on this land, subject to detailed planning, prioritisation and funding availability.

Aura Sports Network Plan 2018

Stockland has prepared the Sports Network Plan in consultation with council and Economic Development Queensland (EDQ). Stockland will contribute 70ha of land for Sports Parks, as follows:-

  • Two (2) Major Sports Parks (12.5ha and 15ha land)
  • Three (3) District Sports Parks (3 x 7.5ha land)
  • Five (5) Neighbourhood Sports Parks (5 x 4ha land)   

This excludes land for a proposed golf course. Should the golf course not be delivered, the LGIA requires two District Sports Parks of 6.5ha each to be provided. The Sports Network Plan recommends a facility mix for each Sports Park to ensure an integrated network that provides for a range of sports requirements, complementing the broader Sunshine Coast network.

Aura City of Colour Public Art Masterplan 2018

Stockland has prepared the Public Art Masterplan in consultation with council and Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) to provide guidance on a network of public art to be funded and delivered by Stockland, including:

Public Art Collection works

The location, nature, commissioning, management and potential decommissioning of public artworks to form part of council’s Public Art Collection (seven potential sites identified). The Public Art Masterplan is prepared with consideration given to council’s policy framework and provides public art themes, methodologies for procurement, and guidelines for implementation and maintenance.

Integrated art elements

The incorporation of integrated design elements, being informal art and design elements integrated into public spaces and places, will form part of Stockland’s design processes in consultation with council.


For more information please contact council - refer the Urban Growth Projects Branch.