We are always looking for superstars just like you to help out with our major events.


Sunshine Coast Stadium Volunteers are important members of our event delivery team – we just couldn’t deliver the big events without them!

Volunteer Roles

Most events will offer a variety of roles, these may vary depending on the type of event:

TICKET SCANNERS – Ticket scanners are integral to ensuring a smooth entry process. You will be setting the tone for the rest of the day/night, so a big smile will go a long way!

FOOD & BEV ATTENDANT – Do you have hospitality or retail experience? We need volunteers to help serve in our licensed areas and assist with stock movement. You are not required to have your RSA, however volunteers with this qualification will be given first preference.

EXTERNAL USHERS – External Ushers ensure smooth pedestrian flow of patrons as they arrive and then exit from the venue. They assist patrons with finding the correct entry gate and answer any entry condition questions patrons may have. External Ushers may be required to assist in Car Parking areas and will be aware of all transport options and locations.

INTERNAL USHERS – Internal Ushers assist patrons with directions to their seating area and help them locate the closest toilet, food or drink facilities. Ushers also assist with line management, offer sanitizer and encourage social distancing at all times.

SEATING USHERS – Seating Ushers assist patrons with finding their allocated seats. Ushers will also encourage patrons to social distance where appropriate and offer sanitizer.

VOLUNTEER TEAM ASSISTANT – Volunteer Assistants assist with checking volunteers in and out of shifts, help to monitor volunteer breaks and assist in any other way required to ensure that all of our volunteers are having a productive and an enjoyable experience. You may be asked to assist in other volunteer roles during peak periods.

Application Process

Each major event will have its own Application Form to be completed, this is so that event specific information can be included in each application. Each application will include a required availability timeframe, applicants who are available for the entirety of this timeframe will be given first preference. However if you are available for a shorter period of time please still apply.

The Volunteer Management system used is ‘Better Impact’. Once a volunteer has a Better Impact profile their generic information will carry through on each application form completed. Volunteers are encouraged to download the Better Impact App, this allows them to view/edit their profile, check rosters and see any future event opportunities.

Volunteer Shifts & Rosters

Generally Volunteer shifts will be between 3 to 6 hours long. Meal breaks are given during any shift that is longer than 3.5 hours. Some events may require split shifts, in this situation the volunteer is able to enjoy the event while on their break.

Rosters will generally be available a few days prior to the event. All volunteers MUST complete a Site Induction for each event, this will be setup in their roster as a shift.

It is expected that Volunteers will let the Volunteer Coordinator know as soon as possible if they are not able to attend a shift.

Volunteering Inclusions

Every event is different, however you will always be fed and hydrated while volunteering at Sunshine Coast Stadium! We spend a lot of time getting our rosters ‘just right’ so that every volunteer has the chance to really experience the event that they are working at.

We really appreciate our volunteers and do anything we can to make sure they have an enjoyable time while working at the stadium!

Volunteering Uniform

A volunteer shirt will be issued for the duration of the event, which MUST be returned at the end of your shift/s. For some roles you will also be issued a Volunteer vest that needs to be returned at the end of shift.

We ask that you wear black pants/shorts and fully enclosed shoes at each event.

Volunteering Conditions

Our requirements are that you:

  • Commit to and complete your rostered shifts
  • That you are 18 years or older at the time of the event
  • Are reliable
  • Arrive on time
  • Carry out the duties allocated to you and remain in your allocated area at all times
  • Work safely and adhere to the safety principles of the stadium
  • Work positively as part of a loyal team of volunteers
  • Ask for help if it is needed
  • Remain calm and cheerful under pressure
  • Must not use, possess or be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs at any time while volunteering
  • Must not verbally harass or abuse any person or use foul language
  • Immediately notify the Volunteer Manager if you are unwell or unable to attend any shift
  • Respect confidentiality
  • Uphold the standards and values of the stadium.
  • Complete all required training
  • Remove/cover volunteer identification (shirt, vest or hat etc.) when on break.

Volunteer Policy

The following policy must be accepted when completing the application:

Declaration: I, the applicant, declare that the information that I am about to provide is correct in all respects, at the time of lodgement of this application with the Sunshine Coast Regional Council. Should any of the details given in relation to this application be changed in the future, I, the applicant, shall advise the Sunshine Coast Regional Council in writing prior to any such change being implemented.

Privacy: Council will use any information provided for the intended purpose only and for remaining in contact with you. Council is authorised to collect this information in accordance with the Local Govt Act 2009 and other Local Government Acts. Your personal information is only accessed by persons authorised to do so. Your personal information is dealt with in accordance with Council’s privacy policy.

Confidentiality Obligations: As you may be exposed to council information during your engagement, that otherwise would not be made available to the general public, Council must point out that you are obliged to treat such information that you come into contact with as a part of your engagement with the strictest confidence. This obligation does not extend to information that is otherwise available to the general public. If you have any doubt regarding the nature of the information you are dealing with, then you should discuss the same with your supervising Council officer.

Photography Permissions: Sunshine Coast Stadium Volunteers consent to the use of their images or videos for any marketing (print, online, social media, etc.) by Venue Management without notice or compensation.