Lewy Body Support Group Sunshine Coast

Lewy Body Support Group Sunshine Coast provides non medical support to Carers and community.

ementia is more than Alzheimer's Disease. Lewy Body Disease is the 2nd most common of the progressive dementias. It is often misdiagnosed and poorly understood. We provide a non medical support for care givers and persons with Lewy Body. We provide speakers to speak to allied health professionals and community groups to raise awareness of LBD and all dementias. Dementia is an umbrella term - it is a symptom of specific diseases. There are over 100 identified forms of dementia. Dementia will be the biggest health challenge faced by governments as the baby boomers enter this phase of their lives. Our aim is to raise community awareness, provide support and lobby for research. It is not a natural part of aging, nor is it solely a disease of the elderly. More and more cases of early onset dementias are being diagnosed. It can strike in the 30-40 age group. Research is essential NOW!

Staff / Regular Volunteers: Currently 1-20 members / staff. We reach: Currently 51-1000 people We specifically work with: Anyone, Older People Anyone seeking information and or support relating to Lewy Body Disease, Speakers, Caregivers