Greg Singh Bursary Association Inc
The Greg Singh Bursary Association Inc (GSBA) was established in 2011 by the executive of the Golden Beach Progress Association Inc and local community members in honour of Greg Singh, who served as the Councillor representing Golden Beach in the Caloundra City Council from 2004 to 2008. Councillor Singh was a highly respected member of the local community who had overcome his lifelong disability to realize his personal potential and community leadership qualities. The Greg Singh Bursary Association Inc raises funds to provide bursaries for eligible students. The Association is governed by the Queensland Associations Incorporation Act 1981 and is registered as a Charity under the provisions of the Collections Act 1966. Fees / Subscriptions: Sometimes - Communiity members can either join the GSBA Inc or make a donation. We specifically work with: Children, Families, People with a Disability, Youth
  • Group / organisation name:
    Greg Singh Bursary Association Inc
  • Contact person:
    Jennie Graham, Secretary
  • Telephone:
    07 5641 4550
  • Email: