Vision and reporting
  • Last updated:
  • 29 Nov 2020

Australia's most sustainable region: Healthy. Smart. Creative. is our vision for the Sunshine Coast now and for the future. These attributes are helping council to ensure our region is well equipped to meet the needs and expectations of a growing population by pursuing five key goals:

  • fostering a strong community
  • maintaining a healthy environment
  • creating a smart economy
  • a commitment to service excellence
  • all underpinned by an outstanding organisation.

Corporate and Operational plans

Council's Corporate and Operational plans set the directions we will pursue on behalf of our community, and distribute our corporate responsibility and resources to implement our vision.

Quarterly reports

The quarterly reports provide information to council and the community on implementation of the plans. Council has produced the following reports in relation to the Corporate Plan 2019-2023 and the Operational Plan 2019-2020.

Previous reports