Works Hub
  • Last updated:
  • 03 Feb 2020

Works Hub is a free, accessible online visual mapping tool providing real-time information about current and scheduled works and closures across the Sunshine Coast road network. 

Works Hub is updated every two minutes, providing reliable, up-to-date information about road works and road closures.


  • Accessible on any digital device and all popular internet browser – Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox.
  • Mobile friendly - Apple, android.
  • Provides real-time information about road works and road closures.
  • User-friendly search function for roads, suburbs, dates, works type, works source and impact type.
  • Search by address or suburb or search on an aerial map and zoom to the relevant section (map view or satellite view).
  • Easily recognisable icons to help you identify sources of road works or road closures.

Why was Works Hub developed?

As the population in our region continues to grow, traffic movements will increase across the Sunshine Coast road network. With advancements in technology, people expect to have access to reliable information about road works and road closures.

Through Works Hub, we aim to provide high-quality transport and travel experiences for drivers in the region by improving reliability and accessibility of information about Sunshine Coast road works and road closures.

What does Works Hub look like?

The public interface of Works Hub looks very much like other mapping tools, featuring search functionality by date, works type, source and impact. Works Hub displays icons and information about road closures, crashes, hazards, flooding, road works, congestion and special events. The icons are similar to icons used by other transport services to help you easily identify the source of the road works or road closure.

Where does the information on Works Hub come from?

Works Hub is populated with data that is input through an application called Asignit. Data is input by council staff as well as contractors and traffic management providers. Traffic management companies that carry out work on behalf of council are required to use Asignit. This will ensure that, over time, Works Hub will display more information about traffic conditions.

Council’s traffic, transport and civil asset teams will also upload relevant data about upcoming scheduled works and road closures. The uploaded data is then displayed on the public interface maps of  Works Hub. The site refreshes every two minutes, displaying the most up-to-date information.

What happens if the data is incorrect or contradicts other sources of road information?

Council will make every effort to ensure the accuracy of data provided on Works Hub. However, we recognise that other sources of road information may present inaccurate or conflicting data. Our staff will investigate the source of any conflicting data and make corrections where required.

You can report inaccurate or conflicting data by emailing or you can contact council by telephone. 

How do I know the data is reliable?

When you use Works Hub, you must read and agree to the disclaimer before you can access the site. 

Download the Works Hub FAQs fact sheet[437KB]