Trail running | Challenge yourself in the great outdoors

It is Autumn and the weather is cooler. It is a great time to think about your next fitness challenge. Perhaps you regularly pound roadways and pathways. Or you might sweat it out in the gym. Have you ever considered the great outdoors as your training ground?

Trail running has boomed in recent years. On the Sunshine Coast it has become huge!  There is the:

These ultra-running events with the 100km distance sit alongside shorter distances for mere mortals.

There are so many benefits to trail running. It provides better strength training than road running and challenges coordination, agility and balance. Repetition injuries can occur less as the uneven terrain challenges the muscles to move in different ways. You can benefit socially too by joining a trail running group and experience loads of beautiful places and scenery. 

Building on the powerful meditative aspects of road running, trail running also ups the ante with mindfulness as you focus on the terrain throughout the run. Finally, you can cool off with an ocean or lake swim afterwards – especially on the beautiful Sunshine Coast! 

Hot tips to start trail running:

  • Consider purchasing trail running shoes. They offer better grip, tread, puncture and water protection.
  • Gaiters – these slip over your shoes and protect your feet from sticks and rocks.
  • Layer up – start early and its cold but later its hot – moisture wicking fabrics are best.
  • Hydration packs – light and built for on body carrying for long distances.
  • Headlamps – you will need these in dim light.
  • Nutrition – keep your glucose up when you tackle the longer trails.
  • Hat, sunnies and sunscreen.

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Trail running tips for beginners

So lace up, get set and go! On the Sunshine Coast, you are spoilt for trail running choices. Train on the following trails

  • Mount Coolum
  • Point Cartwright Lighthouse
  • Ewen Maddock Dam 
  • Cotton Tree to Mooloolaba
  • Caloundra to Moffat Beach 
  • Kondalilla Falls
  • Sunshine Beach 
  • Maleny Trail 


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Run with these doco’s on Beamafilm:

  • Running the Sahara – chronicles ultra-marathoners as they run across six African countries, anticipating two marathons per day for eighty days without a day off. 
  • Free to Run – millions of us run every year, but just 50 years ago, competition was reserved for only for men. 

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  • Run to you – Brian Adams
  • Born to be Wild – Steppenwolf 
  • Run like Hell – Pink Floyd
  • Running on Empty – Jackson Browne
  • Run - Awolnation

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Listen on the go with these podcasts: 

  • The Trail Runners Experience with Daniel Farrugia explores conversations about trail running by trail runners. It includes training tips, advice and personal race experiences.
  • Pushing the limits with Lisa Tamati discusses diverse coverage of health topics from a runner who has pushed the limits in some of the longest, hardest and toughest events on the planet. 

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