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Most people can recognise the Southern Cross and the “saucepan” constellations. Have you ever wondered what other stars you see each night? Astronomy is one of the oldest sciences, tracing back to ancient civilisations. This knowledge has been used for navigation, timekeeping, agricultural planning and spiritual and religious practices.  

Stargazing can be a relaxing way to spend an evening. All you need to get started is the naked eye. Next time you find yourself on a night-time walk or trying to entertain the kids in the backyard after sunset, just look up. Did you know it is estimated that our galaxy, the Milky Way, holds more than 100 billion stars? 

Stars 101

Look out for these stars, planets and constellations in the Sunshine Coast night sky:


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  • Astronomy
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  • 50 Greatest Mysteries in the Universe
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  • New Scientist
  • National Geographic

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Podcasts and apps

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  • Night Sky
  • SkyView Lite
  • Star Walk 2

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More great stargazing ideas

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Relaxing Milky Way Time Lapse

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