Mosaic magic

Mosaic art is a fabulous way to bring colour into the garden that stays all year round. Those not so green fingers can weave beautiful magic with style, definition and charm no matter what your budget.

Mosaics are an art form at least 4000 years old originating in Mesopotamia. Using shards of coloured stones, glass and other materials, often from recycled or old porcelain kitchenware and tiles, mosaics are a great way to upcycle and get creative in your garden. 

Ways to include mosaics in your garden:

How to start a garden pot mosaic project: 

  • Sketch your design onto a pot 
  • Take your tiles and wrap them in cloth
  • Gently tap on the tiles with a hammer to break into shards
  • Gather your tiles into colour categories and sizes
  • Glue each piece individually on the pot according to your design 
  • Let the glue sit for 24 hours 
  • Spread grout over the design to fill in the gaps
  • Allow the grout to set 
  • Using a sponge and water wipe off excess grout
  • Now you have a beautiful mosaic!

Learn how to make a mosaic with 


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