Meal prep | An easier and tastier week ahead

After a long day of work, cooking dinner is often the last thing you feel like doing. This is where meal planning and preparation comes in. Meal prepping can mean batch cooking, individually portioned meals or prepping ingredients.

The benefits of meal prep are saving time and money since you are buying and preparing home-cooked food in advance. Prepping also makes it easier to make healthy choices with a menu set in advance. 


6 Easy Meal Prep Ideas for the Week | Goodful

Some tips to help you get started:

  • Start small – plan just a few meals or snacks at first
  • Get organised – an organised kitchen, pantry and refrigerator makes it easier to know exactly what you have on hand.
  • Invest in quality storage containers
  • Keep and well-stocked pantry
  • Shop your pantry first
  • Make time – dedicate some time each week to planning your menu
  • Use your freezer – cook certain foods or meals in large batches and freeze them for later 
  • Track and record your favourite meals


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Browse for inspiration with these foodie magazines:

  • Super Food Ideas
  • Better Nutrition
  • Clean Eating
  • Easy Meals
  • Eat Well
  • Food Magazine

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Listen on the go with these food prep podcasts: 

  • Dinner Sisters: Each week Kate and Betsy search out, cook, laugh and compare notes on three new recipes from top food bloggers and chat about life in the kitchen.
  • Real Food on a Budget (Momables Podcast): You will hear lots of real-life tips to keep your shopping simple and on a budget.
  • Meal Prep Monday: Brings you 10 minutes of actionable meal prep advice, helping you answer the dreaded "What's for Dinner?" question with ease.

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