Green Living | Easy steps to follow for an eco-friendly home

How do you do your share to protect the planet? It is a much easier task than you may think, and the best place to start is in your own home. You do not have do it in hippie pants, grow all your own food, or sell your car to be eco-friendly. In Australia, 90% of Australian consumers are concerned about environmental sustainability, according to a 2018 survey conducted by Planet Ark.  

Start living sustainably. There are so many tools and resources available. The trick is to take that first vital step. 

Going green helps to:

  • Create a healthy indoor environment
  • Decrease energy and water use 
  • Limit your contribution to landfill 
  • Make simple diet changes that will reduce your carbon footprint


Tips for zero waste living

Going green in your own home is easy with this ten step plan: 

  • Get serious about water: fix leaks first, then focus on lifestyle changes like installing a low-flow shower head
  • Install a smart meter: program your smart meter to run devices only certain times of the day – and reduce energy use for heating and cooling   
  • Go energy efficient with eco-light bulbs: energy efficient bulbs use less electricity and last longer. Winning!
  • Install solar panels: it takes planning and a budget but this clean energy source makes money too by selling excess power back to the grid
  • Go zero waste: contribute to a circular economy, and live a simple, cost-effective, and eco-friendly life
  • Embrace natural cleaning products: natural products like vinegar, citric acid and bicarbonate of soda can be substituted in place of caustic chemicals 
  • Insulate: you make a big change to energy bills when you insulate your home. Find out more with the Australian Government’s Your Home website 
  • Create your own compost: do not waste your kitchen scraps and leftover food – turn them into compost 
  • Buy recycled: from toilet paper and packaging to clothing and furniture, buy recycled to reduce your carbon footprint 
  • Cook intelligently: reduce landfill by growing your own food (less packaging!) and consider ways to cook smart

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