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What is so good about flying foxes? Everything! 

Flying-foxes play an important role in dispersing seeds and pollinating flowering plants and are crucial to keeping native forests healthy. Because flying-foxes are highly mobile, seeds can be moved locally and over great distances (source).

What is the difference between bats and flying foxes? There is not one. All flying foxes are bats or more accurately, mega-bats (big bats). Commonly known as fruit bats, their diet is made up of nectar, pollen and fruit – in that order. Flying-foxes do not use sonar like the smaller, insect-eating bats. They can also see as well as a cat at night and are super smart (source). Head to council’s website for more great flying-fox conservation information or Little Aussie BATtlers.

Learn about all the amazing things that #frankietheflyingfox and our other Little Aussie BATtlers do to keep our environment healthy.

Sunshine Coast Council Bat Night | Sunshine Coast Libraries

Join in the fun: 7th Annual Australasian Bat Night at Maleny – Saturday 17 April 2021

See #frankietheflyingfox on International Bat Appreciation Day and learn about all the amazing things she and our other Little Aussie BATtlers do to keep our environment healthy. 

This free family event will include:

  • See native animals up close
  • Guided roost tours, kids art activities and an aerial workshop
  • Bring a blanket, torch, and a picnic to relax under the stars while watching the local flying-fox colony "fly out" for the night
  • Dress up in your favourite batty costume


  • 1.00pm – 4.30pm: Activity stalls and guided roost tours
  • 4.30pm – 7.00pm: Presenters
  • 7.00pm: Outdoor movie Wall-E

Places are limited. Book your ticket to this free event!

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Flying Fox Fun Facts

  • There are several species of flying foxes
  • The biggest flying-fox have a 160cm wing-span
  • They are mostly vegetarian
  • They cannot eat chocolate
  • Colonies can be over a million in numbers in some places (particularly in the northern parts of their range whenever little red flying foxes are involved) but locally can be over 200,000 bats strong
  • Mothers carry their babies when airborne
  • Flying foxes, nectar and fruit eating mega bats from Australia, pollinate the dry eucalyptus forests, which provide us with timber and oils that are shipped around the world.


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