Wildlife and environment winners from grant announcement
  • Thursday 19 August 2021
Coolum and North Shore Coast Care Environment Levy Partnership Funding program

Nineteen Sunshine Coast environmental community groups can continue to focus on their core work,  caring for our precious wildlife and stunning natural environment, thanks to the added support from the local council’s Environment Levy Partnership Funding Program.

The groups will share in $610,000 each year for the next three years, subject to completing a yearly progress report and the adoption of council’s annual Environment Levy budget.

The three-year partnership provides certainty for the groups, enabling them to engage in longer term planning and capacity building.

Sunshine Coast Environment and Liveability joint portfolio councillor Maria Suarez said the funding contributed to the groups’ operational expenses, allowing volunteers to continue providing a vital service to our wildlife and environment, while supporting the delivery of the Sunshine Coast Environment and Liveability Strategy.

“We are very grateful for their commitment and dedication to our region,” Cr Suarez said.

“Last financial year, 3733 volunteers from our 20 partner groups donated more than 400,000 hours of their own time to improve our environment and look after our wildlife.

“Amazingly, this equates to more than $12 million in contributions towards our environment.

“That shows the value of the Environment Levy right there – as this grant program would not be possible without the contributions made by property owners through their rate payments.”

Sunshine Coast Environment and Liveability joint portfolio councillor Peter Cox said 18 continuing and one new partnership had been approved at today’s (19 August 2021) Ordinary Meeting of council.

“Bat Rescue, Wildlife Volunteers Association (WILVOS), Twinnies Pelican and Seabird Rescue, Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors, and Glasshouse Mountains Advancement Network (GMAN) can continue to support, rescue and nurse our native animals back to health,” Cr Cox said.

“Petrie Creek Catchment Care Group, Night Eyes Association, Mary River Catchment Coordination Association, Currimundi Catchment Care Group, Hinterland Bush Links, Barung Landcare Association, Coolum and North Shore Coast Care, Lake Baroon Catchment Care Group, ECOllaboration Ltd, Reef Check Australia, Mooloolah River Waterwatch and Landcare, Wildlife Queensland - Sunshine Coast and Hinterland and Friends of Maroochy Regional Bushland Botanic Gardens can continue to restore and preserve our waterways and hinterland and coastal environments.

“And we welcome one new organisation, Wildcare, to the Environment Levy Partnerships Program.

“Wildcare Australia is a well-established and respected wildlife rescue and rehabilitation group that has increased its service on the Sunshine Coast over the last two years.

“Over the coming years, council officers will work with these successful partner organisations to ensure that, collaboratively, we realise from this investment not just great environmental outcomes but great financial results for our ratepayers.

“Most importantly, these partnerships are about council working with our community to protect and enhance our natural environment as we continue to build a pathway to a healthy environment and liveable Sunshine Coast.”

For further information about council’s partnerships and grants programs, visit council’s website https://www.sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au/Living-and-Community/Grants-and-Funding/Grants-Programs/Environment-Levy-Grants/Environment-Levy-Partnerships.

Nineteen applications recommended for three-year partnership with funding of $610,000 per year approved.


Partnership summary

Amount per year*

Total for



Petrie Creek

Catchment Care

Group Inc.

The group runs the Florabunda community

nursery, which is open to the public 5 days

per week. They provide local native plants

and advice on creek and habitat restoration,

weed control, erosion control and species





Night Eyes

Association Inc.

Night Eyes has been operating in the

Pumicestone Passage since 1999. They

contribute to litter collection and waterway

health management.




Twinnies Pelican

and Seabird

Rescue Inc

This group provides a 24 hour Pelican and

Seabird rescue service, in addition to

operating a bird rehabilitation facility.



Mary River




The MRCCC has been operating within the

Mary River catchment since 1993. The

group aims to achieve an informed

community with an ethic of care for

exceptional land and water management by

supporting the development of on-ground

projects, providing activities/events/materials

and sharing knowledge.




Catchment Care

Group Inc

Established community group that operates

within the Currimundi catchment and aims to

limit erosion, improve water quality and

protect the environment. Activities include

family friendly events, education, advocacy

and a quarterly newsletter with significant




Hinterland Bush

Links Inc

The group provides on ground assistance to

landholders working for the long-term

conservation of all native species, regional

ecosystems and ecological processes in the

Sunshine Coast Region through the Roving

Restorers, Upper Mary Valley Weed Vine

project and other activities.





Association Inc.


Group operates a 7 day a week, 365 days a

year Hotline for orphaned and injured

wildlife. Wildlife will be rescued and

transported to veterinary care when needed,

or taken into care by a licenced wildlife




Wildcare Australia

Wildcare Australia is a wildlife rescue / carer

organisation that has been operating in the

South-East Queensland area since 1994. In

more recent years they have expanded their

operation into the Sunshine Coast Council




Barung Landcare

Association Inc

Provides a range of initiatives including

growing and distributing native plants via a

community nursery, education programs,

bush regeneration and advice for rural

landholders. Also assists smaller

landholders and gardeners via the Gardens

for Wildlife program.



Australia Zoo

Wildlife Warriors

Worldwide Ltd

World renowned Wildlife Hospital providing

emergency and rehabilitation care for all

species of injured, orphaned and abandoned

wildlife. The hospital also supports wildlife

carers in the region with free veterinary care.



Lake Baroon

Catchment Care

Group Inc

Group focussed on reducing risks to water

quality in the Lake Baroon catchment by

implementing projects addressing erosion,

nutrients and pathogens.





ECOllaboration and the brands of Maroochy

Waterwatch and ECO Education Service

deliver community on ground action with

volunteers, waterway litter collection and




Reef Check


Reef Check Australia undertakes reef health monitoring on the Sunshine Coast (Mudjimba to Caloundra) using trained volunteers to collect

locally relevant, globally standardised reef

health information. The group undertakes education aimed at increasing community participation and marine stewardship.



Mooloolah River

Waterwatch and

Landcare Inc.

A well-established community group

dedicated to the health, protection and

enhancement of the Mooloolah River.

Operates a Native Plant Nursery and the

Sunshine Coast Bio-control Facility;

monitors water quality; fosters community

engagement, and promotes science-based

actions by well-informed citizens as

champions for the Mooloolah River.



Friends of



bushland Botanic

Gardens Inc.

Friends of MRBBG will continue to provide

an expanded range of support services for

site development (garden planning, planting

and maintenance, light construction,

propagation) and as a conduit between

Council and Community (Information

Volunteers, Garden Guides, working in

partnership with relevant organisations,

koala monitoring, etc.).



Bat Rescue Inc

Organisation's aims are to: Rescue,

rehabilitate and release sick, injured or

orphaned bats back to the wild; Educate and

Promote to the community, Australia's bat

species as important to biodiversity; and

participate in conservation activities and

projects to help ensure the survival of the




Coolum and North Shore

Coast Care

Group Inc.

Coastal environmental protection and

restoration. On ground projects include:

dune and bushland weed control and habitat

restoration; biodiversity enhancement such

as nest box installation and monitoring;

fauna and flora surveys; feral animal control;

marine turtle monitoring; data collection and

rescue; marine debris surveys and analysis;

community education; environmental

advocacy; and citizen science projects.





Queensland -

Sunshine Coast and



Wildlife Queensland - Sunshine Coast and

Hinterland Branch propose the continuation

of the Faunawatch Sunshine Coast

program. This is aimed at monitoring and evaluating the presence of fauna at strategic and wider locations across the Sunshine Coast region and supplying this information to the

Sunshine Coast Council and interested

environmental groups.







Network (GMAN)

GMAN will actively maintain the Koala Food

Tree Plantation established in Pinelands

Drive Park. The purpose of the plantation is

to supply foliage for the rehabilitation and

care of injured and orphaned koalas. This

foliage is collected and supplied to

Endeavour Veterinary Ecology, Wildlife HQ,

Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital & Koala

Action Inc.



* Year 2 and Year 3 funding is contingent on the satisfactory completion of a yearly progress report and annual acquittal and is also subject to the adoption of Council’s annual Environment Levy budget.